You’re Important

We are just some locals that saw a need in the market.  That need was very simple, YOU.  Sure we have the best laundry equipment, newest technology and the cleanest store and great people, but without you we are just another laundry.

We Offer

  • Pick up/Drop-Off Laundry Services
  • Change Machine
  • Self-Service Coin-Operated Laundromat
  • Soda & Snack Machine
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Friendly & Helpful Attendant on Duty all the Time.
  • TV
  • Big & Small Size Washers and Dryers
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Secured Location

“Increase Your Apparel’s Life

Make no mistake about it your clothes are important to us at the Wash House.  That’s why all of our commercial grade Speed Queen equipment is agitator free.  Why?  We want to maximize your clothes life and it’s tough to do that with an agitator beating your clothes up for 30 minutes.  The natural falling motion of our all front load machines is a proven effective way to clean clothes with less detergent needed.  Minimizing chemical exposure is also critical to extending fabric life.  If a little works a lot works better is just not the case.  Our machines have maximum extraction rates to help you spend less time drying. What does that do?  Well lint is from the fabric of your loads.  Less lint, more life!  Simple right?”